LMS Enterprise

ModelLMS Enterprise

Empower business users to design labels

NiceLabel's next-generation label design software enables business users to design and maintain customer specific and regulatory compliant label templates. Every NiceLabel template is optimized for over 4,200 printer models, reducing the number of label variations. Rapidly respond to label change requests while reducing the use of valuable IT resources. Empower business users to design labels and achieve:

Improved speed and flexibility in making label changes Streamlined compliance with regulatory requirements Faster global optimization and expansion into new markets Improved customer retention and new customer acquisition

Quickly design and print professional labels without IT help

Document Management System

​NiceLabel’s Document Management System (DMS), built for the needs of labeling, is a HTML5 web application that stores all documents in a centralized indexed database repository. The web application provides a browser-based user interface that enables business-wide access and faster design and approval workflows without the need to install or maintain any software on local workstations.

Document Management System

Secure centralized storage All label documents are stored in a central SQL database. Users check-in and check-out documents to prevent conflicts if multiple individuals might want to edit the same document at the same time.

Automatic version control Version control allows multiple people to make changes to a document without the fear of overwriting a previous version. It also helps you track and keep a history of all changes.

Unique indexing and search All elements contained in the label template are indexed for fast and easy search allowing your business users to quickly find, visually compare, and modify templates. Search not just label names, but also label content such as text fields, variables, fonts, and barcodes. Database storage returns instant query results across the entire labeling landscape helping you avoid redundant or duplicated label variations.

Unique indexing and search

Secure, electronic approval workflows


Secure, electronic approval workflows The publishing approval workflow automates the routing of label documents and quality control managers for review and approval. The stakeholders are notified via email. They can approve or reject changes from the Web application.

Label comparison provides quality assurance The label compare feature automatically compares two labels or revisions and graphically highlights the differences. This lets you easily see differences that you would not see with the human eye and helps you achieve a previously unavailable level of quality control, label data accuracy and template consolidation. 

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