ROD01.2 19V

Roda Computer GmbH
ModelROD01.2 19V

The ROD01.2 DC / DC converter has a hardened casing and is dust, water, vibration and jolt protected. On the housing holes are appropriate so as he can be permanently installed in a vehicle for example.

Can be used for our notebooks Rocky RK10/RF10, our tablet PCs Panther DR10/DK10, MobiTough MK10, Lizard RS11 and Battery chargers with militaryl DC-IN connector.

Also compatible for previous models:

  • RT9/ RK9/ RF9
  • DR886/ DK886
  • RT886EX/ RK886EX/ RF886EX
  • ML886
  • RT786EX/ RK786EX
  • RT686EX
  • DR786EX/ DR786AC


Do not use for Computers with Built-In Vehicle Adapter!

Order Information:

146782 External Vehicle Adapter ROD01.2

Also available as CE/RoHS-compliant version (cadmium-free connectors)



Input Voltage: 16-34V-DC according to VG96916 T5
Output Voltage: 19V ±0.5V 4.2A
Output Overvoltage Protection
Short-Circuit Protection and Current Limit
Operating Temperature range: -46°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range: -46°C to +90°C

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